Just Who Is Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez is an author, investor, and entrepreneur who has designed programs to help people achieve health, wealth, and happiness. Striking a balance in life can lead to prosperity and overall well-being, according to his video course entitled “67 Steps”. Wealth is not valuable without good health and true happiness is a major point to the course. The steps have been gleaned from his personal experiences, books he has read, and life lessons that have taken him from being in debt to living in Beverly Hills. The course, along with books, accelerated courses, and pod-casts, is delivered in a straightforward manner that differs from other self help courses.

The first step, for example, is “Be Worth a Damn”. The explanation discusses how most people are delusional about what they feel they deserve in life. The basic premises is that no one is entitled to anything, and people have to work hard to be deserving of success. One point indicates that wishing for money and buying lottery tickets will not make people rich. Working hard, changing habits, and making difficult choices will bring wealth. Another step is to be a “Social Chameleon”. The idea is that by fitting into different social circles, networking is possible, and opportunities will present themselves. Being socially active also makes people more interesting, and brings happiness. Other steps include reading a book a day, finding a mentor, and choosing relationships carefully.

People who prefer their advice sugar-coated, politically correct, and condescending may want to look elsewhere for a video course. The delivery style is direct, no nonsense, and casual. Sample videos of portions of the course are available for those who are interested in purchasing the product. Testimonials, reviews, and videos of those taking the course are also available on YouTube and other social media sites. Much of the information appears to be common sense, but the examples and expanded explanations illustrate how best to implement the steps into every day life. The course is supposed to be the beginning of a process that lasts throughout life, not snippets to utilize on occasion. Taking an honest look at personal habits, ways of thinking, and behavior seems to be a requirement for successful use of this particular course.