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Buying Your First Bong Thinking of buying your first bong? Exciting! It’s not just going to be a new experience for you. Bongs actually offer a number of advantages compared to other smoking devices. Advantages of Using a Bong First, bongs make milder, cooler and richer smoke than any other device. According to users, bongs enhance smoking experience since the inhalation rips are faster and bigger owing to the condensation of the smoke.
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Though plenty of users say that bongs enhance the potency of the herb, studies reveal that water water filters out the most THC compared to other devices. But other studies have also proven that most of the hemp plant’s active chemicals do not bind to water.
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Additionally, based on a 1970s study in Greece, the compounds causing catatonia and suppressing spontaneous motor activity are taken out, and this can have an impact the therapeutic effects of herbal medicines. There are even implications from other researches that bongs take out more tar compared to all other smoking devices. The water entraps heavier and water-soluble particles which bring harm to the respiratory system, including cytotoxins that destroy immune cells. This is a pivotal discovery for AIDS/HIV patients and others suffering from immunodeficiency disorders. What to Consider When Buying Your First Bong Several elements factor into finding just the right bong for your smoking needs, and you should be as informed as possible. Your Budget Before even planning to purchase a bong, know how much you can spend for it. Be realistic and purchase something that suits your needs and budget. Seller’s Background Prior to buying from a headshop, know its background. All business get positive and negative reviews, but get the overall vibe. There are many good choices out there. Also, make it a point to read independent consumer websites instead of marketing sites to make sure the reviews are authentic. There are lots of great options out there. Types of Bongs Glass – produces a cooler and cleaner hit and are easy to keep clean (you’ll know when you need to clean it!) Plastic – cheap but sturdy Ceramic – ornate and lightweight Metal – looks ruggedly cool and is highly durable Percolator – separates the smoke using individual pieces of glass for cooler and smoother hits Freezable – permits removing and freezing the internal part of the bong Others: cased, bamboo and multi-outlet are other types. People who make the switch to bongs are typically happy with the general performance of this kind of smoking device. While bongs may not be that pricey, we know it’s not even the point. Before purchasing one, get to know the options available in the market. Finally, if you’d like to save a little on your purchase, check online – bongs are often cheaper there.